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Processes to enhance low emission and climate resilient development tailored for local/ regional governments

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A group of Solutions clustered under a given theme to generate synergies, optimize impacts, and support local climate action

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Inspiring examples from the implementation of Solutions and/or Solution Packages by cities, towns, and regions around the world


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    The Solutions Gateway is an online resource platform designed to support local and regional governments around the work find promising Low Emission Development (LED) Solutions for their communities. It contains sectoral and cross-sectoral packages of activities, structured along local/regional governments’ responsibilities and spheres of influence, to support them in the development of low emission and climate resilient development strategies, plans, and projects. The Solutions Gateway contents are based on proven technologies and practices distilled into Solutions and Solution Packages developed by experts of the respective field and peer-reviewed. This resource is being developed and tested under the Urban-LEDS project funded by the European Union and jointly implemented by ICLEI and UN-Habitat.

  • What Solutions and Solution Packages are available?

    The content of the Solutions Gateway is regularly being updated and expanded. Solutions/Solution Packages which were originally prioritized correspond to low emission development needs identified by Urban-LEDS model and satellite cities.

  • Are Solutions developed by experts and peer-reviewed?

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  • Who can use the Solutions Gateway?

    Solutions Gateway’s content is public and accessible to all interested parties. To view certain content and make use of tools and resources, such as the Finance Toolkit, users need to request access by registering to the platform (scroll up to “Login” button).




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